What Does ‘Brokering Anything’ Actually Mean?
October 20, 2022

When I suggest that anyone can Broker almost any product or service, I usually get a confused look from people.
Everyone naturally reverts to …”are you talking about Real Estate? Stocks? Brokering someone’s Business?” and the quick answer is no. Allow me to explain.
The simple definition is “Identifying a Product or Service that Someone has and Someone else needs or wants” and filling that need. To explain further , think of A-B C. ‘A‘ represents the seller ; someone or Company that has a product or service they would like to sell. This could be a new product or used, really doesn’t matter.
C‘ represents the end user or buyer, looking for that product or service A has.
B‘ represents the Broker or you.
See graphic below:

Brokering 101 graphic

I found in allot of cases, the Seller is always looking for more ways to represent their products outside of normal sales and promotion. The seller may also be looking to liquidate for cash flow, eliminate excess inventory from a project or they may be going out of business.
The buyer on the other hand, may not have an idea how to source a certain item or service. They may not be aware that your seller has excess assets they are looking for.
The position of Broker, is to source opportunities and also to have a good list of buyers to present these opportunities to. The Broker is in turn, compensated for bringing the buyer to the seller (or vice versa) by way of a ‘standard broker agreement’ and it will state a percentage to be given to the Broker on the successful sale/transaction.
Please don’t confuse Brokering to referrals, buying and selling or bartering. A good Broker does not ever buy anything, hold inventory or just pass on a lead to someone.

I know it seems simple and you may have allot of questions, so sign in to view my more in-depth Video HERE (no fee) where I go into more detail on how to get started Brokering.
Kind Regards
Lawrence Clark