Lawrence Clark Bio
October 23, 2022

I felt it was important for me to provide some personal background on how I got started in Business and eventually, Brokering.

I bet you wouldn’t of guessed that I started in a Law Enforcement career at the age of 21 in Calgary Canada?
Yeah, I wouldn’t have guessed that either.
I enjoyed the 8 1/2 years I spent as a Police Constable but I always had a Entrepreneur spirit and vision. Fortunately, in 1990, I was offered a position that got be out of the Police Service and into civilian life. Fast forward a year or so, and I was in sales (yes sales) with a prefab/panelized home package Company. I had zero experience in sales and was blessed to have a patient Sales Manager who took me ‘under his wing’ and taught me the basics of sales, how to treat clients and especially, how to ask for the order. As I was in in Commission sales (no steady police salary to lean on), and it was pretty intense and scary. The good news…within 14 months, I was the number one salesperson and had expanded the Companies market into the NW U.S.
The bad news…2 years later the Company I was working for changed direction and wanted to give my 2 clients at the time, their deposits back and cancel their orders and my position. I had a family to feed so I asked my clients if they would allow me to carry on the current contracts if I could fulfill them? I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I DID! That’s how I got into Prefab Homes and Cabin Kits business.

Fast forward again two years, and I had managed to lose $60k in my first venture. This was a bittersweet moment for me as I had to go back into Sales Management to pay back my debt , while feeding a family of 5. Call it divine inspiration or desperation but I still had a market from when I was selling my own prefab packages so I approached a competitor Manufacturer to build and sell the kit home if I provided the client and did the leg work. The deal was, they would pay me a commission/broker fee on the successful sale. The rest is history as they say. I started making 5 figure income months and eventually went on to start another another Manufacturing facility for panelized homes and cabins. It was very successful and ran for 11 years, with 12 employee’s at our peak, and eventually sold my marketing and branding rights to another competitor. ( I was also Brokering throughout this time and I explain that in detail within the course)

By that time, I was in demand for business consulting, Industry marketing and enjoyed that for a time until offered a position with a new modular Manufacturer of Industrial Modular units. That Company eventually folded but I had an idea to Broker Used Modular Units in the Canadian market by finding clients that were looking to buy or sell and helping them increase or decrease their inventory. Thus, Used Modulars Canada Ltd was born and my partner and I have been running it successfully now for over 8 years.

Yes, I am still a full time broker and our Company revenue has grown every year. I ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to Brokering Anything for Income.
My goal at this juncture in my life, is to pass on the wisdom I have learned in Business (over 30 years) and Brokering (25 years) and pass onto future entrepreneurs/broker students as it is an excellent way to make immediate income as well as build an actual Brokering Business.
In these uncertain, confusing times, people are looking for avenues to increase their monthly cash flow without an huge upfront investment or buying or selling things…I get it.

My course and mentoring may not be the answer for everyone, but I hope to inspire enough people to follow in my success.

The Kindest Regards
Lawrence (Larry) Clark