Unlocking Brokering Income Potential with Used Equipment
June 19, 2023

A Quick Guide to Brokerage-Worthy Industrial Equipment and Machinery

Discovering Industrial Equipment: Here Are Some Examples of Industrial Equipment and Machinery That Can Be Brokered and create a potential primary or secondary income.


Have you ever observed the complexities of the industrial world and wondered about the extensive range of equipment that makes it function? It’s easy to overlook the machinery that underpins our everyday life, but what makes this industry fundamental to our modern society.
Here, we will be shedding light on some examples of industrial equipment and machinery that can be brokered by anyone, usually without any required formal licensing.

Here Are Some Examples of Industrial Equipment and Machinery That Can Be Brokered:

1. Construction Equipment

1.1 Excavators

Remember those enormous claw-like machines you’d see at construction sites? Yep, that’s an excavator! These powerful machines are used for digging trenches, foundations, and holes. Better known as ‘yellow iron’, did you know that excavators can be brokered, allowing businesses to get their hands on top-quality equipment at better prices?

1.2 Bulldozers

No construction project would be complete without a bulldozer! These strong and sturdy machines are essential for clearing land, moving large amounts of soil, or even breaking down old structures. Bulldozers are another prime example of equipment that can be brokered, helping businesses to cut costs without compromising on quality. Broker’s can also assist in helping the seller to liquidate excess equipment and increase cash low.

2. Manufacturing Equipment

2.1 CNC Machines

Short for Computer Numerical Control, CNC machines allow for precise, consistent production of parts and tools. Businesses often broker used CNC machines to get the high-quality equipment they need without paying for new. Who knew such intricate machinery could be brokered?

2.2 Injection Moulding Machines

Ever wonder how plastic products are made? The answer lies with injection moulding machines. These machines produce plastic parts by injecting molten material into a mold. Just like with CNC machines, injection moulding machines can be brokered to help businesses gain great quality per-owned equipment at a substantially reduced cost.

3. Agricultural and Farming Equipment

3.1 Tractors

A staple of the farming industry, tractors are incredibly versatile, used for everything from plowing fields to hauling heavy equipment. Brokering tractors allows farmers to acquire these essential machines at more affordable prices. There is a huge market for good used tractors.

3.2 Combine Harvesters

What if I told you there was a machine that could do the work of three different machines at once? That’s the beauty of combine harvesters. They reap, thresh, and clean grain all in one go. Combine harvesters, like tractors, can be brokered to help farmers manage their finances better as they sell their older harvesters and replace with newer ones.

3.3 Irrigation Equipment

Brokering used irrigation equipment and piping, can be quite lucrative.  Modern irrigation equipment ensures water is evenly and efficiently distributed across farmland. Such equipment, despite its essential nature, can also be brokered, helping farms to run more cost-effectively. Smaller, growing farms are always in the market for increasing land irrigation.


1. What does it mean to broker industrial equipment and machinery? Brokering industrial equipment involves an intermediary (the broker) facilitating a sale or lease of machinery between two parties, often helping businesses save on capital expenditure and increasing cash flow for the sellers.

2. Can all types of industrial machinery be brokered? While not every single piece of industrial machinery is typically brokered, a wide range of equipment, from construction machinery to manufacturing and agricultural equipment, can be. It is usually used equipment that is in higher demand.

3. How does the brokering process work? Brokers connect buyers and sellers of industrial equipment, facilitating negotiation and transaction processes. They have in-depth knowledge of the market, ensuring both parties get a fair deal. A win-win for all involved.

4. Why would a business choose to broker equipment? Brokering equipment helps businesses save money, access high-quality machinery, and navigate the purchasing process more easily. Good Brokers usually know their market well and are good qualifiers of buyers.

5. Can individuals broker industrial equipment, or is this strictly a business matter? While most brokering occurs between businesses, individuals can also participate in the brokering process, depending on the type and scale of the equipment.

6. Can a ‘starting Broker’ make an income brokering industrial, construction and agriculture equipment?
Absolutely! With little to no startup costs, anyone can learn to broker any asset. All it takes is ambition and perseverance.


Navigating the world of industrial equipment can seem like a ‘uphill’ task. However, understanding what can be brokered and the processes involved can make it much simpler. Whether it’s construction machinery, manufacturing tools, or agricultural essentials, a wide range of equipment can be brokered to ensure businesses get what they need without straining their finances.

With this quick guide on examples of industrial equipment and machinery that can be brokered, we hope to have provided a clearer picture of the expansive world of industrial machinery. So, whether you’re a business owner seeking cost-effective equipment solutions or simply curious about the realm of industry, remember: the world of brokering is vast and full of profitable possibilities.

Best Regards

Lawrence Clark

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